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The roots of education may be bitter but not the fruit. Focusing upon the fruit of education and the overall development of the individual, Edusol started its journey in 2010 with a mission of inspiring students to achieve their goals through ingenious ways.


“Stop Memorizing, start learning”


Our vision is for each child to develop a curiosity of learning, discover their interests and grow in love of learning who aspire to achieve their full potential. We also desire to have strong team of brilliant minds through skillful training.


We are dedicated to a continuing tradition of excellence in an ever-changing world. Within a safe and supportive environment, we provide a relevant, high-quality education and prepare our diverse student body for future endeavours. We honour achievement and promote pride in ourselves, in our schools, and in our associated schools.

We have the right solutions

At Edusol you will discover your passions and
gain the skills that will allow you to maximize your impact in whatever career you launch.

About Edusol

We are on a mission to build a better future where technology creates good job for everyone. Today, Edusol seek to be an enlightening force for a world deeply in need. Our coaching is regarded as among the finest in the world while faculty in all departments participate in our mission to ensure that Edusol-character makes a mark in all of our endeavours. From legal scholars who study civil rights, to scientists and engineers who investigate environmental protection, to sociologists who examine the society and ethical practices, Edusol continues to be a platform where Indian young mind does its thinking.

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